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The Center for Professional and Personal Development

Purpose Driven Service. Purpose Driven Teaching. Purpose Driven Outcomes!

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

J's Breakfast Club 

J's Breakfast Club experiences a boost in numbers and employee morale within 2 weeks' time. 

 This is turn means an increase in the bottom line and better business!

Freeman Foot Care & Emerge Training Center

LaShawn Freeman-Whittaker shares her experiences with 

Discover YOU!. Discover YOU! works with multiple businesses of Whittaker.   

What's your testimony going to be?

 "I did not know what to expect in the beginning but it was better than any expectations I could have imagined.

Every interaction was a cleansing of my heart, mind, and soul. Francine allowed me to speak and reveal myself to myself. With every session, I ended wanting more."

Gary, Indiana

Stay Tuned!

We are updating this page with more testimonials.