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The Center for Professional and Personal Development

Purpose Driven Service. Purpose Driven Teaching. Purpose Driven Outcomes!

Your next keynote speaker, educator, lecturer, ..... your event here.

Francine Birgans is not new to the stage nor the podium.

Birgans has had a radio show throughout the years and in 2017 completed one season of an inspirational online tv show.

Her students, co-workers, clients, and those who have encountered her describe her as inspirational, transformational, motivational, encouraging, passionate, transparent, genuine, authentic, loving, captivating, natural, and the list goes on.

She has a way of seeing everyone in the room. 

She has a message for the masses, yet, she will locate you right where you are. At that point, you would think that she is just talking to you.  An innate gift. A natural connector (Rath, 2007).  She definitely won't let you down.