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The Center for Professional and Personal Development

Purpose Driven Service. Purpose Driven Teaching. Purpose Driven Outcomes!


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has launched!

I started my business in September of 2018.

I was very excited to take my dollars and use them in the local community as well as with other small business owners.


Time after time, even up to this year I am still experiencing adventures in business that deserve a candid conversation to invoke improvement in the small business world.


I had no idea that this journey would lead me to teach customer service classes and now have a radio show to discuss openly the problems we see daily in small businesses.

The goal of this show is to have an open and candid conversation to help 

educate, elevate, and eliminate in the small business community.

Every Wednesday on Rhythm Flight Radio. 1 pm CST

1. You can download the app: Simple Radio

2.Type in Rhythm Flight Radio

or catch the podcast: Candid Conversations in Business

Share the Love Promotion!

Congratulations to Hoover Elementary School! 

In February, we delivered 60 treat bags to their entire staff.

Their assist. principal emailed us with how awesome the staff was esp. during the pandemic.  It was a sheer joy to go in and deliver the bags!

We are the people side of business!