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The Center for Professional and Personal Development

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Customer Service

"As a business, it is your obligation to provide great customer service every day!"

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My Story

Right out of college, I was recruited by the #1 rental car company in the world.

We all know who they are. You have probably rented a car or two.

Well, It is a known fact that this company invests in its employees with lots of training.

That was my first job out of college in the bitter cold in January 1997. Over time I worked my way up to a Level 3 Marketing Manager and enjoyed every bit of my job.

20+ years later, I still carry every ounce of training that I received on the inside of me.

Truth be told, I still bleed green/white.

We were embedded, daily, with the company culture that every customer must be totally satisfied.

Because of that perfection, my heart and blood still want to make sure that everyone, from a customer service perspective, is totally satisfied.

In 2018, I started Discover YOU!.

As I was starting, of course, I needed services and I had a desire to support other small businesses.

What ended up happening was this, the customer service I was receiving was horrible. 

I really could not believe it! I started writing about it and sharing best practices early on for customer service.

Not only was the customer service horrible, but, as I dealt more with small businesses in general from networking, events, etc. I realized that customer service was not the number one factor like it was in my day.

Owners of these businesses did not acknowledge any errors and they did not try and fix them. As a matter of fact, I was blamed many times for what didn't happen with that business/service/product.

It wasn't until the beginning of 2020 I acted on the passion for great customer service and I expected great customer service!

I reminded myself, great customer service is taught!

The rest is history!