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There's a seed in the ground.

That seed is you!

We help you, Discover YOU!


Professional Coaching

Coaching has grown dramatically in the last decade (Rotelli, 2018).

Coaching unlocks hidden potential, encourages self awareness with each client, promotes self-discovery and partners with each client individually.

At Discover YOU! we are answering the innate call to coach.

Schedule now for individual coaching or contact us for events, group coaching, or with your questions.

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> Member of the International Coach Federation

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Training & Development

A Servant Leader and Transformational Leader are just two of the many characteristics that make us who we are.

At Discover YOU! we have an innate calling to lead, build long-lasting relationships, and construct strong bonds within our sphere of influence.

We have the capacity to achieve results.

Discover YOU! is distinct. Our abilities set us apart when working with your employees, various organizations, and the like. 

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Discover YOUniveristy

Discover YOUniversity is an extension of Discover YOU!

Discover YOUniversity is our online meeting place for webinars, workshops, and more.

Through this outlet we will offer various events that can benefit you in your personal or work life.

Connect with us to get updates on events and what happenings are taking place. 

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Ally, associate, peer, colleague, collaborator, comrade, and partner. 

Words used to describe our relationships in the community. 

  1. We want to partner with you to share business opportunities.
  2. Networking
  3. Community relations
  4. Referrals

Contact us for more information about our partnership program. 

Building bridges for small business in the community.

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We connect you and your purpose!

purpose [pur-puhs]

the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc

Our Services

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Our Mission

To help people discover that happy place within by connecting them to their purpose with humanity.

Our Vision

To help you connect your purpose and happiness to your calling.